IRELI the largest and the most prominent youth organization in Azerbaijan

As you are already aware, the issue of IRELI Public Union’s membership to YEU was raised in summer 2010 first time, and our responsible officers had been in correspondence since then.

Being IRELI, the largest and the most prominent youth organization of Azerbaijan , we pay huge attention to the expansion of our international network and search for possible partners with synergies. IRELI was created only in 2005 and reshuffled to public union in 2008, so, we are not the oldest youth organization in Azerbaijan . But we can proudly declare that IRELI is the biggest and most dynamically developing one. Initially with 6 000 members and very narrow scope of activities, mainly limited with trainings or eventual flash mobs, IRELI became in a very short period of time the lighthouse of youth movement in Azerbaijan by 2010, with a very broad scope of areas of activityAt the moment IRELI is a professional youth NGO with more than 12 000 members, two permanent offices In Baku with more than 50 people working as staff members,liaison offices in 11 European cities and well established rich infrastructure (IRELI Web Radio, IRELI Design Studio, IRELI IT Center, IRELI Training and Education Center, IRELI Research Center, etc.). Because of the greatest political achievement of 2010, election of IRELI Chairman Jeyhun Osmanli to the National Assembly of Azerbaijan Republic in 2010 autumn elections, added even more responsibility upon the management of the organization and we decided to continue our organizational development – at the moment IRELI is moving to its new corporate class HQ in Baku and implementing changes in organizational structure, which ill allow us to increase effectiveness and efficiency of decision making and project management in our NGO.

I will not take much of your time describing all sorts of projects IRELI had been engaged in since 2005, this information is available in our corporate presentation attached hereby. I am sure, that short glimpse on the presentation will allow you to track the history how a small and unknown NGO established by six young visionaries became in short period “deep state” for local youth and transformed into hub for many local NGO’s, whom we share knowledge and experience with. Collective membership opportunity that we provide for smaller NGO’s is also another strength of IRELI.

Our interest in cooperation with YEU is natural, taking into account that IRELI is not only active in expanding its international network and is participating in many European and regional youth projects and events. Being a youth NGO of considerable size in Azerbaijani terms, we also play the role of hub and demonstrate own initiative by organizing international summer and winter schools, conflict prevention debate camps, etc. in Azerbaijan . Our own infrastructure, well established sponsorship network and access to public and private facilities, allows present ourselves as a unique partner for YEU in Azerbaijan , which can open for YEU additional opportunities and become source of strengths for possible beginnings in the region. At the same time İ sure that IRELI, as NGO committed to continuous learning and knowledge sharing will definitely benefit from partnership with YEU, and this will only access involvement of our youth into common European value market.

Once again I express my deep pleasure to continue the process of our involvement to YEU network.

Heydar Mirza

Projects and corporate sector relations secretary


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