Why we choose ADSL and advantages of ADSL

Till yesterday i’ve been using Dial Up for connecting inetrnet,yeah ,you are right it was very difficult for me as the speed was very low ,i met difficulties to open my favourite sites-wikipedia,www.ireli.az,Wordpress.com etc.So ,now i also one of the users of ADSL 🙂 & wanna to write about DIAL UP & ADSL -a great differences between them ;may be one wants to buy Adsl ,i advice u !So let’s look distinctions:

  • There is a high speed connection available.
  • ADSL is a replacement for dial-up modems, ISDN and least lines.
  • ADSL broadband allows files to be downloaded from the Internet very rapidly.
  • Unlike dial-up Internet connectivity, ADSL is “always on” and therefore readily available.
  • Unlike dial-up, ADSL does not does not monopolize the phone line. It is possible to surf the Internet and talk on the same line simultaneously.
  • More than one computer can be connected to single ADSL broad band connection which allows multiple users to concurrently access the Internet.
  • There is a fixed monthly cost for the ADSL connection regardless of the usage of the internet and the total time which connects to the internet.
  • Because of ADSL uses existing phone line extra wiring is not needed.
  • Can’t expect dropped connections in ADSL connection.
  • There is a good value for фif the ADSL is used.
  • All the features of the line are maintained (such as conference call, call waiting, etc.).

2 Şərh (+sizinki əlavə edilsinmi?)

  1. Nargiz
    İyn 18, 2011 @ 07:39:37

    Congrats dear 🙂

  2. hamazayeva.
    İyn 18, 2011 @ 08:04:52

    Thank you 🙂

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