Our army is able to liberate Karabakh at just one order

I’ve written about my -Azerbaijan Strongest Military Army on other posts;now i wanna to deal my great impression about this important event .26 june -Land of Fire proved its strongest army in the Caucacasus.Military hardware brought to Azadlig square in connection with upcoming military parade in Azerbaijan’s capital.A lot of people came to see this great parade ,both children their parents,grandmothers grandfathers,students,pupils were looking with honour of their eyes.It was said that 6 000 personnel, about 400 military vehicles, 60 weapons produced in Azerbaijan, 14 local military vehicles, 22 aircrafts, a lot of helicopters, warships are participating in the parade.Defense Minister, Colonel-General Safar Abiyev reported to President that the troops are ready. Following this, State Anthem of Azerbaijan was played, the head of state made a speech and the parade started.
President said much had been done to strengthen material and technical basis of the army.
“Small part of it is being demonstrated in the parade today. We will continue to buy weapons and equipment. We are buying modern aircrafts, combat and military helicopters, artillery means, communication devices. Military power of our army is increasing.

The state flag of Azerbaijan and flags of Azerbaijan’s Ground Troops, Naval Forces and Military Air Forces were first carried in front of the tribune.Azerbaijani artillery was also paraded. Modernized BTR, BRDM carrier vehicles were paraded first, then followed “Matador” and “Marauder” anti-mine carrier vehicles, produced by the Ministry of Defense Industry jointly with “Paramount Group” company of the Republic of South Africa. 6 “Marauder” and 6 “Matador” carrier vehicles participated in the parade. Some of these transport vehicles were armed with weapons of local production. BMP model infantry combat vehicles, and “T-72” tanks finished the parade of military vehicles.
Following this, Military Air Forces started demonstration flights. MiQ-29, Su-25 aircrafts of Azerbaijani Military Air Forces, Mi-8, modernized Mi-24, newly-bought Mi-35 helicopters, Mi-171 and Ka-32 helicopters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations flew over the Azadlig square. Military aircrafts demonstrated air shows.It was great feelings to see our 3 coloured flag in the sky by sircafts.
Warships, which cast anchor at Baku bay, supported the parade from the sea. “Bakili” frigate, the flagship of the Naval Forces, was in the center of the 16-ship group. The flagship was accompanied by trawl, gunship, landing ships of the Naval Forces, “Stenka” warships of Coast Guard of the State Border Service and two ships of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
There were a lot of tourists they were looking to the parade &took pictures of .Azerbaijan is a strong state and has strong army. Once again I congratulate you on the day of army.long live Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces!
I would like to write my next post about Military Parade which’ll held in Kharabkh for the next year.So,
Our army is able to liberate Karabakh at just one order!!!

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3 Şərh (+sizinki əlavə edilsinmi?)

  1. daypoint
    İyn 27, 2011 @ 14:33:24

    When I look the power of our army,i feel big and proud in the breeze, my heart swells near to bursting..

  2. Can Turan
    İyn 28, 2011 @ 11:25:35

    Bu orduynan Qarabag almaq su ichmek qeder asndi nedense komanda yubanirrr

  3. Hemzeyeva
    İyn 29, 2011 @ 06:05:55

    Yubanir demezdim,Sadəcə düzgün seçilmiş zaman və strategiya olmalıdır ki bu da artıq bizdı var .Tezliklə biz bu paradı Qarabagda qeyd edəcəyik.İnşAllah

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