International Wrestling Tournament=>from Azerbaijan to Sweeden :)

Hey hey 🙂

I’ve planned to write my this post after my 1st Volunteer work at International Wrestling Tournament from 7th july to 10th.As you know,it was my first volunteer work,day before as planned i’ve to be a volunteer for the Sweeden guests.Of course,first of all i tried to know some informations about Sweeden,geography,language,music, art ,literature,traditions,cities etc.It was interesting for me,whom will i be the volunteer?How are they?With which impressions i’ll part with them …The questions on my head were so much that i was waiting the 7th july with great impatient of mine .

Sweden is one of the largest countries in Europe, with great diversity in its nature and climate. Situated in Northern Europe, Sweden lies west of the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia, providing a long coastline, and forms the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula.ear of EU entry: 1995

  • Political system: Constitutional monarchy
  • Capital city: Stockholm
  • Total area: 449 964 km²
  • Population: 9.2 million
  • Currency: krona

Sweden has the largest population of the Nordic countries. It is separated in the west from Norway by a range of mountains and shares the Gulf of Bothnia to the north of the Baltic Sea with Finland.

The southern part of the country is chiefly agricultural, with forests covering an increasing percentage of the land the further north one goes. Population density is also higher in southern Sweden, with many people living in the valley of Lake Mälaren and the Öresund region.

Sweden exports cars, engineering products, steel, electronic devices, communications equipment and paper products.

İ think it’s enough material for the first ideas about the country because i wanna to write about my deep feelings -impressions after those days.

The day before i made a little dictionary (English-Sweedish) The words belong:

  • Hello- Hey hey
  • How are you?- Hur mar du?
  • Welcome-Walcommen/karkommen
  • yes-ja
  • no-nej,ingen
  • beatiful-skön/vacker
  • good-bra,nyttig,snal,god.
  • Bad-elak,ond,dalig
  • excellent-praktig,utmarkt
  • nice-god,skon, trevlig ,rar, snall
  • kind-art ,sort ,vanlig
  • come-comma

And every day i used these words when i greeted them :Hey hey Hur mar du ?:)

So let’s to write about my first meeting with my Swiss guests,as we planned i went to the airport to meet them in airport with my other volunteer friend,They were -Fariborz Besarti-Coach,Henna Johansson,Sofia Mattsson,Jenny Fransson,IdaTherese,The President Of Wrestling Federation of Sweden &His wife and also their trainers.All of them were very kind &friendly that is why i felt myself sadly at the last day when i saw off them at the airport.I was very pleased,satisfy cause i tried to did by best ,to present my country’s hospitable as it’s.And tried not to make mistakes.Of course, sorry for my mistakes if i’ve!It was my first volunteer work-and i’ll always remember all of u and these days-July8-10,2011 with my best remembers!

They went with a golden and bronze medals so again and again my Congrats Ida&Henna:)


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  1. Sahil Balazadeh
    İyl 14, 2011 @ 18:17:50


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