Continuing “strategy” of Armenia

If anyone heard about Nagorno Kharabakh region conflict he suddenly  thinks about conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia,about Azerbaijan occupied lands by armenians,But noone thinks about children killing murderly even today .Even today this ”strategy”-contuining terribly,Just in 5 months they killed 2Azerbaijani  babiesFirst Armenian sniper killed 9 years old Fariz, now 13 years Aygun  with toy!Why ?what is their fault? but World is still keep silence about killing Azeri children by Armenians!
why world doesn’t protect children rights?!

20% of our lands were occupied as a result of the Armenian aggression toward our country. Over 20 000 innocent people, as well as children were killed with special rudeness, their rights determined by international humanitarian law norms, in the main international law acts were violated, thousands of people, children were captivated….

…Despite ceasefire agreement signed in 1994, Armenian side does not obey this agreement, ceasefire regime is violated constantly. Consequently, Azerbaijani servicemen and civilians are killed and captivated every day.

on March 8 of the current year, 9-year-old Fariz Bedelov died as a result of the sniper fire opened by Armenians from the occupied territory of Aghdam region. Badalov was playing outside his house on Tuesday in the village of Orta Garvand in Azerbaijan’s Agdam District when he was shot, the agencies  reported.It was one of the most horrible incidents not only in the history of Armenian aggression, but also in the history of the whole international wars.On the day of World Women’s Day, Armenians committed one more inhuman act by making unhappy one more mother. And it caused anger of all Azerbaijani women, children and young people. Fariz Bedelov is one of the thousands of peaceful children killed by Armenian military forces.

Shahmaliyeva  Aygun  Zireddin , 13, was killed by Armenian with a toy!Is it humanism???

The explosive device planted in the toy was put into the Tovuz river by Armenia. Shahmaliyeva took the toy and brought it home. The explosive device blasted when she was playing with it.

Similar incident happened in 1994. Two children were killed, one injured as the toy put into the river by Armenians blasted. 

The murder of the child is the inhuman act, the infringement of international legal documents and necessitates the usage of the certain sanctions by UNO.

Azerbaijani people want to live in a peaceful condition and restore their violated rights. Therefore, addressing to the world community we call everybody to support our just work. We believe that, the murder of innocent child will be condemned by the world with severe reaction and serious measures will be made in order to prevent such cases.


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