Killer Toy By Armenia…

toys for to make happy the child=Happy Child

Every parent wants his child to grow up in the best of conditions ;to give plenty of love & care ,to take care ,to protect from all the things what’ll hurt them…” I want my children to be happy children and grow up to be happy adults” it’s  an opinion all the parents. Is that too much to ask? No, I don’t think so. But, the question is the ” pepople”  which are child murders -which are killers of children not only their soul but also killing their dreams,their bright wishes about their future,they  fracture the plans of family to  heir children… Child murderers must be punished strictly”

The children like toys and the games playing with the toys make them very happy.Have you ever gave some toy to the child?If your answer”Yes” you should see the  happiest eyes in front of you.But i’ve never thought that a toy may destroy all the life and the dreams of the little child.Playing with the toy may be her last game in life and loss all her hopes to the life.My opinion was wrong,”people”living over the world(i know it’s rough mistake to call them “people’) change my opinion.This is inhumane actThe tragic death Azerbaijani girl as a result of an act of vandalism by Armenia in Tovuz District .A terrible accident took place in the Alibayli village of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district bordering with Armenia. The blast of an explosive device killed 13-year old girl Aygun Shahmaliyeva and heavily wounded her mother 32-year old Elnara Shahmaliyeva, in the hip.The toy like a dog, with an explosive device, was dropped by the Armenian side into the Tovuz River flowing through the Alibeyli village.Elsevar Jafarov and Aygun Shahmaliyeva, who were playing near the river, brought the toy to the house of Hasan Jafarov. When Aygun Shahmaliyeva played at home and put the toy on the table, the device worked and blast occurred.This event has once again revealed the true face of the Armenians, and once again showed what a fanatic methods they use,this crime must open eyes of the world community to the fact that Armenians have already chosen Azerbaijani children as a target, which contradicts to all laws of not only peaceful but also war time.This bloody crime occurred on the eyes of the world community, but the West which declares commitment to democracy has not yet given a political assessment to this crime. No international organization for child protection has yet condemned this murder. It testifies to the policy of double standards.The world community must take serious steps to put an end to Armenia’s aggressive policy.This is not first brutal murder of a child by Armenia, The same thing happened in the same area several years ago. Two children were killed and one was injured in an explosion while trying to take a toy dropped into the river by the Armenian side. Furthermore, 9-nine old resident of Bash Garvand village of Agdam District Fariz Badalov was killed by Armenian sniper while playing in a yard of his house on 8 March this year. This accident is yet another proof that Armenia pursues a policy aimed at murder of innocent children.We must not allow Armenia avoid punishment


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