My beatiful Azerbaijan with the eyes of amateur photographers

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I would like to talk about  photos of my country- a miraculous country of Azerbaijan with its unlimited natural resources, centuries-old culture, history and ancient people, whose lifestyle presents a unique and harmonious combination of the traditions and ceremonies of different cultures and civilizations.

From my  blog &written posts you’ve already knew that i’m a member of Youth Organization.The name of this Youth oranization is Ireli Public Union  which is the biggest youth organization in Azerbaijan. “IRELI” has individual and collective membership system. Over 12.000 youth and 12 organizations are members of “IRELI”.The activities of “IRELI” cover all the regions and cities of Azerbaijan; it also has coordinators in 13 European cities. “IRELI” is an organization based on initiatives of the youth.

For today there were  alot of projects nearly 59 projects which Over 120.000 people took part in the projects “IRELI” held during 2009-2010.

Some days ago there was an  announce about  competition in Ireli wich will be incude the beaty photos which represent my country ,of course the aim of the project  was  support for young photographers and stimulate their activities according their art talant.The name of this Fotoart project was” My Azerbaijan”and of course,the winners would be awarded with the presents for the1st,2nd and 3rd places.Yesterday was organized rewarding of youth talantive photographers and who has interst to this sphere at Modern Art Centre.  There were a lot of media representatives and of course Chairman of the IRELI Public Union  Ceyhun Osmanlı  congratulated all the winners and of course the special thing was that-Leman Memmadova talanted girl,member of Ireli Public Union got the highest(700 ) point from entrance examination  and of course our Public union valued it and awarded her too.

So the winners got their prizes according to their taking places of.Here are the results:

1st place – Huseyn Mammadev – Apple iPad

2nd place – Rafiqa Qasimova – Blackberry 9700

3rd place – Vuqar Qasimzade – Sony Cybershot camera

Although i don’t know these persons visually i congratulate all of them and wish them lucky 🙂


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