Next station is Ismayilli :) WeBlog part 2 :)

I’ve learned to create & to write in blog after WeBlog trainings at Ireli Public Union-(The biggest youth organization in Azerbaijan)by my trainers Qoshqar Huseynov & Sahil Balazadeh .There were Weblog1,Weblog2 &Weblog3 trainings  and i was one of the  participiants of the WeBlog 1 .

“IRELI” Information Technologies Center held an open-air seminar with bloggers in Guba region on 14 August, 2011 & in Ismayilli region on 11 september 2011 -which i’ve joined also.It was an interesting,Funny and of course scientific meeting for me .The date  was specially  lucky chance for us -because,at that day was Imam’s birthday,we made a liitle birthday surprise party at bus for him.

During the way someone took  photos,Someone listened to the music,someone played Mafia Game .Our first stop was made in Heydar Aliyev Centre which there includes a lots of hobby groups,study groups etc.We acquainted there with lots of portrets of Heydar Aliyev  making from  linen and  rounding all  his life .In this centre were a lot of condition for youth to spend their time advantage .

Our the second stop was Museum of Country &History where were many ancient historical examples including about B.C.3-1 centruies;also household things concerning about 18 century which weren’t found by  excavation but the  inhabitants gave to the museum. 

As we were informed we had a mini -training by Hikmet Huseynov &Ali Hadjizade at the very magnificient view of nature in Ismayilli .They gave us a lot of useful information about social network&information war.

That was a great day for me ,my great thanks to everyone for great organizing work.


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  1. qurbanovelgun
    Noy 20, 2011 @ 12:02:23

    aaaa mən İsmayıllıdanam ))) mən bloq yaratmağı ATGTİ-dən öyrəndim ..bu da mənim bloqum

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