Happy Independence day,Azerbaijan !

An independent person-may be it’s an ordinary word for us ,due-to the fact that we are independent  free persons of our country . An independent life is one that is lived at a place and pace of your own choice. It is a life where you are reap what you sow – you are rewarded for the work that you do and you also are responsible for risks that you take on. You choose what you believe yourself, after careful consideration and are not bound by convention. You recognise that you have rights that are inherent, not dependent on government recognition. In short, you own your own life. You are not the property of a government, church or school.

Most importantly, living an independent life means living on your own terms, not as a slave. or a tool to be used for the end of another person – unless we choose to be.

I’m not spoke about this task  accidentally,as today –Azerbaijan Independence Day: October 18.Azerbaijan Celebrates Independence Day as a national holiday.Azerbaijan celebrates October 18 as the Independence Day after regaining it when the USSR fell. Thanks to the collapse of Soviet Union, the Azerbaijan people finally gained their independence for the second time in the 20th century.Azerbaijan Independence Day History.During the end of the 1980s, other political parties were permitted to operate openly at last. However, the Communist Party authority in Azerbaijan was hesitant to follow this political movement. After the newly formed Popular Front of Azerbaijan (PFA) ordered a countrywide strike in September 1989 did the communist government in Azerbaijan gave them official acknowledgment.Originally scheduled voting to the Supreme Soviet for February, were deferred for September. The state of emergency at that time restricted the campaigning of opposition groups even though they were the country’s first multiparty elections. The Communist Party nominees secured a greater part of the seats.In Moscow, staunch supporters of the communist regime tried grab power of the government in August 1991. This prompted wide protests in Azerbaijan clamoring for the nation’s freedom. Moreover, the protestors were calling for the prime minister to resign, the lifting of the state of emergency, and the deferment of presidential polls that was planned for September. However, the voting was held as scheduled, and the administration candidates won as they were the only candidates as the PFA and other groups that opposed the government shunned the elections.The Azerbaijan Supreme Soviet chose to pursue the path of independence on August 30. The status of Azerbaijan as a free country was made official in October. The Milli Majlis (National Assembly), a new 50-member legislative assembly, then took the place of the Supreme Soviet. The USSR later collapsed in December.Azerbaijan Independence Day Traditions, Customs and Activities.The National Independence Day is celebrated by the Azerbaijani people in October. This is the most opportune time for them to take the day off and visit each other friends and acquaintances to enjoy the day off and exchange visits. Naturally, celebratory lunches and dinners are often planned.

So,Today Our day-we are  marking Independence Day today,Congratulations  dear countryman!:)


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