Eurovision 2012 with my eyes :)

  Eurovision Song Contest has been held 56 times throughout history without breaks and is remembered for some very curiuos facts.I’m not going to speak about the history of ESC,as you can get more info.going to the different sites as,,or directly from my blog .I’m going  to share my own thoughts about this years’ contest as i was one of the volunteers of  this year’s host family .As you’ve already knew , 2012 ESC host country was Azerbaijan,and i was one of the volunteers for PRESS CENTER BAKU.

   As a fact Volunteers are an incredibly important part of the production of Europe’s favourite TV show. Without them(us :)), it wouldn’t be possible to produce such a large and dynamic music event.Each country which hosts the contest, have been recruited the volunteers who they are going to  assist with the running of the Eurovision Song Contest.This year Azerbaijani volunteers were working in different roles, from helping in the Press Centre, to assisting backstage,helping at the arena called-BAKU CRYSTAL HALL  and even driving the delegations from the arena to their hotels,to the airport etc. 

   But how and why  i bacame a volunteer of ESC ?The answer is quite simple,I saw the announcement of volunteer experience at ESC in the site of Azerbaijan youth Organization-IRELI,It said we could put our names down and apply for this. After the closing date passed, they interviewed us and then chose the people they thought best for the job.I apllied app form for being volunteer  because i love music and the opportunity to experience different cultures.From there i went to a casting where i had to answer some questions about myself after which i went to the trainigs ,then i was chosen to work at the PRESS CENTER BAKU.  

   Working at the Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true for me and so far we’ve been working to help journalists organise interviews with the delegations and will soon move on to standing near the interview rooms to organise and supervise the interviews. I was so  happy to help my  country, and represent Azerbaijan  in the best light.

   We-volunteers were not working together during this period,we’ve celebrated our friends’ birthdays together,it was so interesting 🙂

I’m pleased to share my most lovable ,sweetest photo- memories with you!Thank you for reading 🙂

P.S.For the more photos go to the link below 

P.P.S .thanks to my Lovely Volunteer friends Shabnam & Sabina for their positive  photos 🙂

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