Mubariz Ibrahimov – National Hero of Azerbaijan

National Hero of Azerbaijan ,Mubariz Ibrahimov,has tragically  died on the frontline,defending his motherland.Future soldiers was born in a small Aliabat village in Bilesuvar region of Azerbaijan.The doors of his home are now always open-people just won’y stop coming.They come to express their condolences to the hero’s parents.In his last letter Mubariz I.asked his parents not to cry ,and to be proud instead-“Every evening i look at the occupied territories,and my heart is ready to explode,as i see these empty dead lands”,said Ibrahimov in one of his letters that was sent home.

His mother:”I am deeply hurt,but i’m proud of my boy,he died as e hero this was his destiny,to protect his motherland”

Mubariz Ibrahimov has managed to kill 54 armenian soldiers and has wounded 4 more in 5 hours.He felt that he was destined to do it alone.

He died as a brave soldier,a soldier that protected his nation.As of now,whole Azerbaijan is proud of a young man ,who died ,defending something he believed in,something he was destined to do.